Shanley J. Curran

IMG_3169Shanley J. Curran, JD, BSN, RN, CHC, CHRC, CCRP

Shanley Curran is actively licensed in California as both an Attorney and Registered Nurse, with professional certifications in Health Care Compliance, Health Care Research Compliance, and Clinical Research. Shanley has almost 30 years of experience spanning clinical care, insurance defense litigation, clinical trials-related contracts and service agreements, fair market value in research, clinical research administration, clinical research regulatory compliance, Medicare coverage analysis and study budget development, clinical research revenue cycle/billing/reimbursement process integrity and related billing compliance, training and education, audits and investigations, electronic health record and clinical trial management systems, policy and procedure development, program development and process improvement, project and change management, and enterprise-wide stakeholder engagement for complex assessment and decision-making support. Dedicated to education and mentoring, Shanley speaks frequently on a variety of research-related compliance and revenue integrity topics for professional conferences including the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), ExL Pharma, MAGI, and the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors (AHIA).

Shanley repeatedly finds clinical trial sites and providers have limited internal subject matter expertise and few to no dedicated trained staff to manage the extraordinary challenges they face in research operations, research revenue cycle/billing/reimbursement integrity, and related Medicare billing and other research regulatory compliance issues. Deciding to apply her expertise more broadly, Shanley left her research compliance work at UCLA in 2015 to provide a wider spectrum of independent consulting services for facilities, providers, and Investigators involved with conducting clinical research. In 2016, to further her deepening goal of supporting patient access to clinical trials close to home and facilitating the financial sustainability of quality clinical research sites, Shanley incorporated Research, Operations & Compliance Solutions, Inc. (ROCS, Inc.) where she serves as Founding President and CEO and continues to expand the suite of services in furtherance of those goals.

Shanley brings energy, ethics, and excellence to everything she does. Shanley brought her medical-legal background together in clinical research first at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where she negotiated animal and human research-related contracts and budgets for several years. She was then brought on by UCLA to initiate and manage their clinical research billing compliance program for the Office of Compliance Services over the UCLA Health System and David Geffen School of Medicine. While working closely with UC System and UCLA stakeholders to develop, implement, and manage the new enterprise-wide clinical research billing compliance program, Shanley weighed on other research compliance issues and served on UCLA’s enterprise Hospital, Physician, Privacy, Medical Billing, and Research Compliance Committees, oversaw UCLA’s response to certain FDA investigator audits, and provided guidance, compliance oversight and training for UCLA’s EPIC implementations related to the research revenue cycle and research billing compliance. During that period, Shanley participated in UCLA’s clinical trial management system selection committee and chaired the Inter-University Collaboration Sub-Group on Clinical Research Billing.

Shanley, and now ROCS under Shanley’s leadership, have successfully helped Academic Medical Centers, community health systems, and private research sites establish, improve, and operate enterprise clinical research administration, hospital and professional research-related revenue cycle/billing/reimbursement, and compliance efforts to achieve more sustainable and compliant programs.

When Shanley is not seeking ways to advocate for her clients, she is deeply dedicated to her family and friends, her pets, the Earth, and advocating for individual and community wellness. She loves music, dance, art, travel, outdoor sports, cooking, and long conversations about the human experience.