Research, Operations & Compliance Solutions, Inc (ROCS) provides consulting services to our clients – Academic Medical Centers, Community-Based Health Systems, Private Research Centers, and Physicians – conducting clinical research. For healthcare provider entities seeking to meet today’s challenging regulatory requirements, ROCS brings decades of experience in Healthcare, Research and Compliance, providing meaningful, intelligent services and solutions. We have the knowledge and culture to listen to your needs, engage the right people, and work with your organization to get the right outcomes and foster your internal teamwork and culture of personal accountability and compliance. ROCS service lines are geared to foster excellence and sustainability for our clients in the following areas:


Research – Ongoing full spectrum clinical trial site management support or designated clinical research site management services, so you can right-size the support you need and focus on conducting your trials for your patients.

 Operations – Program development, process improvement, and interim staffing for your research administration, research clinical operations, and research revenue cycle/billing to help you achieve effectiveness, efficiency, compliance and sustainability.

 Compliance – Research compliance program development and support for research billing and other research-related regulatory compliance

Solutions – Innovative solutions for efficient, catalytic enterprise-wide stakeholder engagement and evidence-based critical decision-making

ROCS was founded by Shanley Curran, a California-Licensed Attorney and Registered Nurse who has been engaged in Health Care Delivery, Clinical Research, Health Care Compliance, and Research Compliance matters since 1987. Shanley is an innovator who brings energy, ethics, and excellence to everything she does. Now ROCS, under Shanley’s leadership, has successfully helped our clients establish or improve their clinical research programs, better meet their related Medicare billing and other regulatory compliance obligations, and improve their cost reimbursement to support their program sustainability and help ensure patients have access to quality clinical trial sites close to home where care is best delivered.

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