Lane Glenn

Lane Glenn,  MRA – Director, Research Informatics

As the Director of Research Informatics for ROCS, Lane has 9+ years of experience in software development, implementation, training, and project/program management/consulting.

She boasts a wide skill set that that includes: Overseeing the design, development, customization, training, implementation, and evaluation of healthcare software; overseeing/management of mid­size software development teams using agile processes; Gathering and documenting both functional and technical system requirements; Working with clients to develop development/testing/implementation timelines; Managing client change requests including testing changes and integrating approved changes into a production environment; Developing materials for and overseeing multiple client system trainings; overseeing and managing appropriate project growth over time (developing project timeline/milestones, directing and coordinating future project growth/system enhancements), recommending methods to improve performance with regard to service level agreements, metrics, and business trends.

Lane is also an experienced Epic Analyst. Certified in both Epic Research and Epic Research Billing (which relies heavily on in depth knowledge of HB, PB, Charge Router, CDM/Charge Master creation and implementation (requires solid understanding of federal research procedure pricing regulations as well as federal regulations governing Medicare Coverage Analyses and allowable Medicare procedure billing), Cadence, Beaker, Radiant and Willow. Lane led the Research Interface Team at a previous employer. She helped pioneer a custom interface between Epic and a Clinical Trials Management system that allowed the creation of the Epic Research Record (RSH record) and Research Billing Protocol (PRL record) complete with research vs. clinical care designations.