Shanley J. Curran

ShanleyShanley J. Curran, JD, BSN, RN, CHC, CHRC, CCRP

ROCS was founded by Shanley Curran, a California-Licensed Attorney and Registered Nurse.  She has been engaged in Health Care Delivery, Clinical Research, and Health Care Compliance and Research Compliance matters since 1987.  Shanley is an innovator, most recently partnering with Powernoodle™, to marry her research subject matter expertise with their stakeholder intelligence cloud-based platform to create the CRPI Solution Offering for Clinical Research Process Integrity.

As an Attorney, Registered Nurse, and HCCA-certified Healthcare and Healthcare Research Compliance Professional, Shanley’s overall depth and breadth of experience and knowledge makes her a unique subject matter expert in this field.

Being dedicated to ongoing education and mentoring, Shanley Curran is a National speaker for the Health Care Compliance Association, ExL Pharma, and MAGI, presenting sessions on implementing research into the EHR, clinical research billing compliance and subject injury, and end-to-end research revenue cycle and research finance operations.

Most importantly, what you get with ROCS is Shanley Curran herself. As a down-to-earth, high-energy person and wellness advocate, Shanley likes to incorporate team-building and empowerment-through-knowledge into her work to help her clients get it right the first time.